ACR Speaking Dimensions

ACR Speaking Dimensions offers speech-language services both in clinical and educational settings

Clinical Setting:

  • SLP can bill insurance companies for individual sessions only, however, private pay options allow for more flexibility.
  • Eligibility has to be considered medically relevant/necessary to bill insurance.
  • Choice of elective services (Accent Modification, Social Skills Groups, “It Takes Two to Talk” The Hanen Program, etc.) which constitutes private pay.
  • Need a doctor’s order/Plan of Care for non-elective services.
  • Sessions can typically be 30-45 minutes depending on the type of treatment.

Educational Setting:

  • SLP can service students in a group and/or individual.
  • Eligibility has to be educationally relevant.
  • No elective services
  • Need an IEP (Individualized Educational Program) to receive speech-language services
  • Amount of time is decided by an IEP committee (SLPs, teachers, parents, administrators, and any other authorized committee member)
  • Sessions are dictated by what is documented in the IEP

Teletherapy/Virtual Therapy

Also, ACR offers Teletherapy/Virtual Therapy services as deemed appropriate for clients on a Secure HIPAA-Compliant Platform. Teletherapy is the application of telecommunications technology to deliver professional services at a distance by linking the clinician to the client for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation. Clients interact with the therapist just as they would in person. It is engaging, convenient, and effective delivery model for providing speech/language services. According to The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), teletherapy has been recognized as an effective service delivery model since 2005.

Teletherapy/Virtual Therapy